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First Fretted CBG

This is my first fret board, a strip of red oak with medium fret wire.

I created this fret board two weeks ago and it is finally nearing use. Making it was an exercise in patience and having the right tools. The good news is that it is smooooth. It is currently mounted on a neck made of mahogany with a walnut nut. Unfinished it looks like this.

Mahogany neck and headstock, red oak fret board, and walnut nut.

The next step it preparing the neck for the cigar box. Then, it is hardware time. Provided that everything goes well, it could be playable tomorrow. The problem with prepping the neck is that it requires proper support after it is cut for resonation. If it isn't supported properly, the neck bends and the action will be much to high. In essence, the frets would be unusable.

The ugly cut to help the cigar box resonate

You can see how this chiseled out cut really thins the neck. The result is a much better sound. The cigar box sings, but the neck will bend without more support. I glued two pieces of red oak beneath the resonating cut. These boards should keep the neck from flexing as should the fret board itself.

Next up: The Box and the hardware.

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